The World of invisible Subtle Energies

Discover the wonderment of the subtle, unseen ways of energy and life!

Subtle Energy knowledge is a specialist field of understanding. Subtle fields are an unseen and mostly unknown, energy environment, and yet they power and influence every aspect, of every day, of everyone's life.

Without being aware of these energies and the energy transactions influencing our lives each day, we cannot do anything to change them. By learning about subtle energies, you empower yourself to change your life for the better. This knowledge offers an intuitive insight which is not available through the physical senses of the manifest world.

All things exist in energy form. For us, as human beings, we have many layers of energy flowing through our body and radiating out for some 2-3 feet. This field of energy is a matrix of energy patterns and forms. We generally keep our energy field 'contained', for the world can be a difficult place. But as we heal, grow and develop, the radiance of our energy field expands and our 'presence' in the world becomes more powerful.

Most people refer to the energy field as an 'aura', because that is what it has become popularly known and perceived as. It is, however, a field of intelligence, a communication interface, and a flow of complex patterns and forms.

So on a general basis, your energy field will radiate out from your physical body some 2-3 feet and as the energy radiates out, it becomex finer in resonance and vibrates at a much higher frequency. The outer most layers of the energy field are known as the soul layers. The sum of all your life experience is held in memory 'forms' and 'patterns' within this field of intelligence, which drives our views, beliefs, attitudes, physical presence and desires.

The human energy field has a central axis of flow, from which main energy centres (chakras) emanate, flowing into multiple layers of fine energy.  Each energy centre and each layer fulfil a different purpose in maintaining you and your well being. The main central axis of energy flow maintains your stability, strength, and incoming and outgoing flows of universal source energy. You can learn more about the structure of the energy field on The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme® .

Each of us is a unique being, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. These different aspects of being human cannot be separated, because they are all linked and powered by the wholeness of Source Energy. All our actions, deeds, thoughts and feelings, are flows of energy patterns.  All things are energy. We live daily in a constant flow of incoming and outgoing ‘energy transactions’ which we have to process and move through. So our energy field is in constant flow and connection with the external physical world, absorbing energies from people and places, storing the memory of interactions with others, and most importantly, through life experience, carrying the memory of our past illness, distress or trauma.

Without an understanding of the existence and affects of such energies, we will understand our own life process in a limited manner. To ignore the presence of the subtle world, is to profoundly reduce our understanding of life. "First know thyself" our ancient texts guide us. Well, to know thyself, you need to know your current state, on all levels. This is what subtle energy awareness offers to you - depth, insight and exploration.

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