The Subtle Energy awareness Programme® created by sue zange

Discover the hidden world of energies that drive your life!

This newly developed training Programme has been created from 14 years of intensive first-hand practical experience of working with subtle energies. Sue Zange has designed a Programme that is accessible to everyone, so you can learn more about managing and commanding the true nature of your life.

A natural flow of electro-magnetic energy resides within, and radiates out, from your body every moment of every day. This field of energy (sometimes called the 'aura') is a complex matrix of patterns, energy forms, and energy transactions.

This field of energy affects every aspect of your daily living, your thoughts, your feelings, your state of well-being. It is the filter through which you take every action, and create all your life experience. Your energetic state bears influence on everything you do.... it drives all aspects of your life.

Learn about the Invisible world of subtle energies

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme® is a training course specially designed to give you insight and understanding into the ways of these invisible flows of energy. Bringing you skills and techniques to assess and understand your energetic state, this course will empower every aspect of your life.

This unique training has been specially designed to help you understand the layers of subtle energies that surround you (your energy field/aura) and how these energies influence your daily life and well-being.   Created by Sue Zange, the pioneer and developer of advanced understanding of subtle energies, this Programme is based on 14 years of knowledge, application and progressive development. It is a personal and spiritual learning programme and will offer you all the insight and knowledge you need to manage the unseen world of energetic influence.

This is your opportunity to learn about your energy field, the movement of energy transactions that affect you, your emotional and mental balance, and of course, the energies of new potentials that can come into your life.

Discover how incoming energies from others may affect you. Learn how to empower your own daily living by commanding the energies you transmit out into the world. Learn the techniques to keep your own energy clear and high in vibration. Discover how simple and easily applied energy management techniques can enhance the quality of your daily life.

The content of this training course has been developed from over 14 years of teaching advanced level Energy Field Healers in methods to heal through the body's energy field. It requires unique skills to sense and manage energy flows within the human energy field. Sue Zange has now developed this training course with you in mind..... to teach you all the most relevant knowledge about subtle energies, so that you can gain greater awareness and improve your life.

All our actions, deeds, thoughts and feelings, are flows of energy patterns.  All things are energy.   We live daily in a constant flow of incoming and outgoing ‘energy transactions’ which we have to process and move through. So our energy field is in constant flow and connection with the external physical world, absorbing energies from people and places, storing the memory of upsetting interactions with others, and most importantly, through life experience, carrying the memory of our past illness, distress or trauma.

These energy transactions can build up excessively within the field, and if left uncleared or unmanaged, the affects are felt emotionally, mentally and physically. Take this opportunity to learn about your energy, ways to balance and clear the energy flows, and of course, skills to broaden your potentials and all that you energetically attract in life.

A fully trained team of Certified Teachers of The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme® are offering this training regularly throughout the UK.

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